005   -     £95

Ready-to-run (r.t.r.) as pictured. 175, 201, and 223mm long.

Chassis are symmetrical about 78mm wheel ctrs with 32mm wheels.

The chassis are all metal construction and are powered by a 12 to 24v stacked geared motor with a bevel gear final drive.

Overall width r.t.r. is 87mm. Dual Gauge, height is 43mm, and centre buffer height is 24mm above rail.


006   -     £140

A 6 coupled version with additional jackshaft. Overall length is 233mm and overall

 width is 87mm. 40 + 40 (80mm) wheelbase, 32 dia. wheels, overall height 43mm

 and buffer height is 24mm above rail.

009A    -   £75

Standard r.t.r. bogie, 60mm wheel ctrs. with 28mm wheels, dual gauge.

Length 96mm max width 7305mm and pivot height 25mm above rail, max height above rail 84mm.

Powered by a 12-24v geared motor with bevel gear final drive.

010A  -  £90

RL Chassis 62mm wheelbase with 30mm wheels, dual gauge.

Length 164mm, width 87mm over buffer beams, height above rails 38mm. 

12-24v. motor with stacked gearbox and delrin chain drive to both sides.  RL


010C RL 187 chain drive 90mm wheel centres  -    £85

Dick kerr  -  £125

All metal construction, Bevel gear drive to both axles, chain drive between geared motor (12-24v, 30:1 ratio) and layshaft.

Length 198mm, wheel centres 88mm, 32mm gauge.

Avonside  -  £95

RTR chassis for Avonside 25hp loco.

All metal construction. Bevel gear drive to rear axle, drive to all 4 wheels via cranks and side rods.
(12-24v. geared motor, 30:1 ratio).

175mm long over buffers, 56mm wheel centres, 78mm wide over buffer beams.

davenport chassis

Bachman Davenport Chassis  -  £130

All metal construction, r.t.r., dual gauge.

Powerful 5pole motor 6-15v fitted with sintered metal gears and bearings, bevel gear final drive.

Plain wheels can be changed to insulated fo a £4 surcharge.

Overall length 193mm, Overall width 98mm, height above rail 40mm, weight 0.9kg.

Also suitable for small 7/8" scale loco!




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